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Sunday, October 18 2020

Since launching in August 2020, has went from only offering term and whole life insurance, in one state, to offering it in six states (Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Texas).

In addition to marketing life insurance from the website, also offers short term medical, limited health insurance (health reimbursement), all in one life/health memberships, health discount savings plans, dental coverage with a maximum benefit of $6,000 per year, vision, retirement planning, Medicare supplements, home insurance, as well as pet insurance.

The home insurance coverage offered through the platform caters to luxury home buyers, with a minimum value of $175,000 and a replacement cost of $250,000. Real estate agents from within the state of Tennessee are welcome to get a quote on new constructions or existing home. The carrier will insure many issues, automatically, that usually have to be added on, in a policy, by endorsement…..for an extra fee. The pet insurance can give pet lovers benefits to cover veterinarian fees and treatments, with ease.

The agent website is set up for instant quoting options on most all of the insurance products displayed. Applying for coverage is easy and can be done from home or over the phone.

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Friday, October 16 2020
Certified Nursing Assistant Turned Independent Insurance Agent

The title best describes Veronica Sain, the owner of Sain's Insurance. While still working full time as a certified nursing assistant, Veronica is slowly building a side business as an independent life insurance agent. She has mastered the art of helping others, whether it is assisting someone find the right policy or helping the elderly get their day started.

Veronica has just launched an online agent website called The website is set up for instant quoting as well as application submission for underwriting. She has constructed the agent website so that individuals can get instant quoting options 24/7. Veronica is currently licensed to offer coverage in Tennessee (her home state), South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas. She does not have a traditional office; Veronica is running the business from her home office. 

Although, Veronica is actively holding down a full-time day job, she is still able to monitor the agent website for new inquiries and customer applications from a smart phone. Her goal is to eventually be able to offer, in addition to life insurance, home and auto coverage as well. Veronica holds a license in four lines of insurance (life, health/accident, property, and casualty).

Her reasoning for starting a life insurance business is to be able to help and encourage those who really need it….to purchase it. All the time, people are putting up "GoFundMe" accounts to pay for burial cost of loved ones who have recently died. Life insurance is not for the dead. It was established for the living or for those left behind to carry the burden of making sure their deceased relative is put away in a proper manner, without the financial stress. Also, for individuals age 50 to 80, who have less than perfect health and have been turned down in the past because of it, Veronica pays special attention in finding coverage for such people.

Veronica focuses on offering whole life insurance, which is life insurance coverage that will cover an individual their entire life or until the age of 100. Most, if not all, insurance companies will not cover anyone above that age. Once the insured reaches the age of 100, the insurance company will write that person, or the policy owner, a check for the entire face amount.

If you live in any of the six states above and are in need of whole life or final expense insurance coverage for yourself or for someone you love, do not hesitate to contact Veronica through her agent website for a free instant quote.

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Thursday, October 15 2020
Life Insurance - Do You Really Need It?

Life insurance, what is the purpose of having it? Well, do a self-assessment. Is there anyone in your life who would be in a financial bind if you were to die at this very moment? Do you have enough money set aside to take care of funeral arrangements and other expenses that may incur during the event? Life insurance is not just about burial coverage. It's true, the one being insured can never benefit from the rewards of the policy, only the beneficiary can. That person has been intrusted by the insured to do the right the event of their demise. Life insurance can mean so much more. Wealthy people have used it to create wealth for their children and grandchildren, over the years. They would buy $100,000 whole life policies, or more, and leave a grandchild as the beneficiary at their death. That child could then in turn use that money toward the purchase of a college education or a new home. This is like a gift that keeps on giving, that money made their transition into adulthood easier....because someone long ago thought about them probably before they could even walk.

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