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Whole Life Insurance, Pre-Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Coverage, Long Term Care Insurance, Retirement Planning Options Below.

WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE If you are between the age of 50 to 80, you can get guaranteed quick issued life insurance coverage, amounts starting at $2,000.....all the way up to $40,000.

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE Prepare for your senior years. Get coverage that will be there when you need it the most. What if you need someone to take care of you in your home or in a nursing care setting? An insurance policy that will pay for skilled nursing staff to assist you with everyday living activities we all take for granted, like meal prep, grocery shopping, housekeeping, bathing, dressing and so forth.

PRE-MEDICARE INSURANCE FOR INDIVIDUALS 60 - 64 Ideal for individuals 60 to 64, who are early retirees, or for spouses who have not yet obtained age 65. The Bridge to Medicare Plan is a short-term medical insurance solution that can provide coverage until you are eligible to enroll in Medicare, helping reduce your financial risks so you can enjoy retirement. Includes hospitalization and professional health services after deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Your benefit coverage can pay up to $500,000 during the covered time period and comes with 20% to 30% co-insurance options. There are no doctor or hospital network restrictions, so you have the freedom to choose where to receive care. Also, includes prescription drug coverage. Instant quotes available, TN only.

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS FOR INDIVIDUALS TURNING 65 AND OVER For individuals who are within three months of turning 65, or are already 65 or older...and would like to get coverage to pay for what is not covered by Original Medicare. Get a free instant quote, TN only.

RETIREMENT PLANNING If you want to make sure of never running out of money during retirement years, you will need to preserve your a way that will ensure financial security. Roll your 401K, IRA, or employer retirement account over into an immediate annuity to start receiving a steady flow of monthly income for many years to come. Immediate annuities are ideal for individuals nearing retirement and want to start reaping the rewards of many years of saving and planning. The smart financial thinkers.

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